Sep 20, 2013

ESCAPE! Irresistible moments. Unmissable events. Always yours.

Irresistible moments.
Unmissable events.
Always yours.

Hello everybody! Assalamualaikum! Hai Celcom users! =D

Good news to share with you guys, Celcom has launched their new application called ESCAPE for their users – nationwide! You can watch your favorite movies, live events, live news, concert and TV series through your laptop, tablet and smartphone. *I can watch my TV series on my way to Ipoh every Friday! Weeee.*

So, let’s together make the world of entertainment in your hands. *cewah!!*

First, you need to register at
Simple as counting 1 2 3 and it is FREE! Yeay!


This is what you’ll see thru your smartphone.


Then, this is your ESCAPE Dashboard.
There are two options.
Watch All & Watch One.

So let me bring you to Watch All option.


Which one do you prefer guys?! ;)


I am interested with that SUSUK.

TV Series!
The Little Nyonya?!

However, before you can Watch All, you need to get a pass.
RM25 only to ESCAPE anytime, anywhere and enjoy a movie marathon.

Okay! So.
This is Watch One.

RM6 only to watch Lemak Kampung Santan.

And there’s your wishlist.
So you can enjoy all sorts of movie genres and of course varieties of Hollywood, Korean, Indonesians, Hindi and Local Movies.
There are no more worries to miss a new episode, season or movies as it has Pause & Play function and you can continue watch them on another device.

So guys! Install the ESCAPE application.


Rosmiza Ali said...

Hai Mrs Lee! Mieza 1st time singgah sini.. Jalan2 tambah kawan baru.. Mieza pun dah register escape.. Memang syokla layan movie.. =)

Psst! Jangan lupa tolong VOTE Mieza kat SINI ye.. Hehe.. TQ! =)

adyna said...

Akak u mobile ;) , dl Pakai celcom jap

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